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Rupes D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pad

Rupes D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pad

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The D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pad signifies a breakthrough in foam polishing pad technology, offering the ideal balance of firmness to eliminate severe paint defects while achieving a glossy finish. Its firm blue foam is equipped with large open cells, ensuring cooler operation and minimal drag on the paint surface. Specifically crafted with a thin, tapered-edge design, it maximizes the unique gear-driven movement of the Mille, enabling maximum defect removal while ensuring optimal user comfort.

These exclusive foam pads are designed to mitigate steering and vibrations commonly associated with gear-driven orbital polishers, all while retaining exceptional correcting power and finishing capabilities. For best results, RUPES recommends using the RUPES D-A Coarse Compound in conjunction with these pads.
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Learn how to professionally paint correct vehicles at Detailing World Philly. Our class provides a great way for individuals to start a career in the auto dealing industry. Our professional instructor, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry, will cover paint correction in its entirety.

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