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The HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner represents an innovative formula designed for optimal effectiveness and safety across various wheel types. Its primary focus is on eliminating tough brake contaminants like metallic dust, grime, iron particles, and substantial residue buildup. The product's color transformation to purple serves as an indicator of its active cleaning process, assuring users of its efficacy. Application involves a straightforward process: spray the cleaner onto the surface, allow it to settle for approximately 2-3 minutes, gently agitate the area, and then rinse it off.

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  • IGL Coatings

    Taking our IGL Coatings Car Care Travel Kit for a spin! ✨🚗 #ShineOnTheGo

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  • 3D Poxy

    Cruise in style with the ultimate shine! 3D Poxy Finishing Wax, your car's best friend for that glossy finish.#3Dpoxy#ShineOn#CarCare

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  • Chemical Guy V.R.P

    VRP! Your ultimate protector against the sun's rays, bringing life back to your surfaces. Available at Detailing World Philly.

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